Saturday, January 2, 2010

Change of Plans.

So my family & I didn't end up going to Long Beach or Huntington Beach. We ended up going to San Diego instead & went shopping. I really need to stop letting others plan my day... including my family. I have enough disappointments in my life, so I'd rather be the one taking charge of what's on my daily to-do list. Didn't end the say so great either. Every time I spend time with my parents I end up getting scrutinized.

Thinking about my next tattoo...
& just to let everyone know, I'm Filipino. Tattoos are pretty much completely looked down upon in my culture. My parents especially think this, but this is my choice. I've always loved tattoos. They fascinate me, I think they're absolutely beautiful.

(Photo Credits: 1, 2)

That last one I put because it's the title of one of the albums I'm obsessing over right now by a band called Brand New. I love it.
I also love body modification. Can't wait until I get my plugs to 1/2", just two more sizes to go!

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