Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I Want to Learn How to Sew.

Ever since I was little, I would watch my grandma sew me pretty clothes with envy. I've always wanted to learn, but sadly until today I haven't taken the time to learn. My grandma tried to teach me a few times, but it just never stuck because she doesn't speak English well so I didn't understand her well. /: Every time I step into a fabric or craft store I feel like I'm in Heaven! Haa.. cheesy I know, but that's how I am! I've got a small collection of new & vintage fabrics I've collected over the years attempting to start sewing so this year I am determined! I will learn how to sew!

Today I was google-ing patterns to use for the background of my blog & I came across this online fabric store & their patterns were ADORABLE! They are mostly vintage inspired. I have to have some!!

As I was searching for these fabulous fabrics on Etsy I came across this cutie! I MUST HAVE IT!

I can't spend too much though... I have so many arts and crafts hobbies & it burns a hole in my wallet. I'm trying to save some extra cash for pocket money this summer when I go to London & Paris!

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Anonymous said...

i totally understand you! :)
about a year i had the same thoughts - and i just started trying. it went very well, this learning by doing, but yes - it coud be an expensive hobby if you´re way too obsessed with fabrics and stuff... so am i ;)
i love that matrjoschka-pattern!

Celina said...

Oh, I know! The average asking prices for half a yard of these fabrics are like $4.50-$7.50! Ouch!

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