Monday, February 22, 2010

Pretty Bows.

So my friend Jenelyn & I have been the best of friends for over a decade now. We've known each other since we were 9 & 10 & now we're turning 20 & 21! We have been through so much together, we grew up together & I even moved miles away, but we're still as close as can be. Anyways, we've decided that we're going to get matching friend tattoos. We've been thinking about a ton of different things for a couple months now & we just couldn't narrow down everything we both loved enough until yesterday we thought, why not pretty matching bows? That way we'll be tied together forever! Haha lame I know, but it means something to us & that's all that matters.

Here are some pretties I found today for some ideas.

I'm so excited for this! I'll probably just add it on to my thigh tattoo since we're not going to put it on the same place anyways.

Hope you're having a great Monday!!

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