Saturday, March 27, 2010

Travel & Girl Talk.

One of my good girlfriend's called me late last night. I knew it was bad because she never calls me so urgently in the middle of the night.. I was up working on my Audrey Hepburn portrait anyways. Well, she called to tell me that she didn't get into one of the colleges she applied to & she was worried she wasn't going to get into the others. I love how bad news can turn into great conversations with good friends. We ended up talking about how much we love the Twilight Saga (TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAAAY)! Haha. We also talked about old friends, new friends & our futures. Well, Mandy (my friend) & I have never been the relationship type of girls (so we think that now) & we got to talking about getting older & being single. We both love to travel & would love to see all the corners of the world & we agreed that if we're both single & childless at 30 we're going to take a year off to venture the world! We want to see London, Paris, Rome & Greece, but we also want to see 3rd world countries like Africa, India, Haiti, China & more to help them out. She said that she would want to blog about it & turn that blog into book someday. I'll probably just be the photographer. Haha.

It's just thought. For now!

Have a lovely weekend I'll be off dancing the waltz tomorrow.

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grrfeisty said...

these photographs are beautiful! i'm getting all excited to travel! haha

Celina said...

It's all thanks to weheartit! (:

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