Monday, May 31, 2010

Bedroom Inspirations.

Here's another round of Monday Inspirations! This time it's all about bedrooms since mine is in need of attention..

I definitely need a new way to organize my accessories! This is cute, but my mom would kill me if I added anymore holes in my wall.

There is something about brick walls & lanterns I've always loved!

This is the most darling apartment I've ever seen!

I love this wallpaper! I've never had the chance to use any wallpaper before, so I'm most definitely going to try one day!

What an amazing way to store & organize things! I remember these filing cabinets in libraries when I was little.

Definitely not a craft room or a bedroom, but it's such a cute living room!

This chalkboard door is amazing! I bought some chalkboard paint I haven't had the chance to use yet since I have quite found the perfect frame for it.

That's is for now! I probably won't be doing anything drastic to my room since I'll be moving into my own apartment in a couple months & my parents are in the process of hopefully buying a new home.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!

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Batzy Shop said...

Im Victoria....found you via RVA summer camp!

I luv your blog! I added you to my blog list XD

Rachel Beyer said...

Hello! I am a fellow RVA Camper. Love this post! Especially the chalkboard wall. ♥ See you in class!

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