Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Finds: Mint Green.

Oh, dear mint. It's always been one of my favorite flavors. I love mint chip ice cream.. well basically I love anything with mint especially chocolate! Oh & I love, love, love the color mint green so here's some beautiful photos!

Pretty mint green nail polish.

I want a mint green train case just like this!

I found this enamel pin on etsy, so pretty!

Mint green cookies & cakes. I had a mint chocolate chip cake for my 18th birthday.

This kitchen is to die for!

My next party is going to be mint green themed.

I really wanted this pretty Diana F+ camera, but I found an even pretty one! Though this is still so dreamy.

Oh what I would give for this car! SO CUTE!

I DIED.. when I saw this hair! I want mint green hair!!

Maybe one day I'll have enough guts to add some mint green to my own locks! I'm going to San Diego's Annual Pride Parade & Festival tomorrow. It's going to be so fun & so interesting! (:

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Modest wrappings said...

OMG my favourite colour! my room is minty bluey :)

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