Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day & My 100th Post!

Wow it's already been 8 months since I started this blog & I'm on my 100th post. I know, I know, I should have waaay more posts by now. I'm honestly not the best blogger. Nor am I the best Monday To-Do list keeper.

1. Well, I'm going to try my best this week to finish my goal. Last week I opted to fix my little bedroom nook & that didn't happen because I realized I didn't have all my things & I'm on a super tight budget. SOO I'll be keep the same goal for this week because I'm going to spend all morning today at my parent's home gathering everything I need.

Wouldn't it be such a dream to have a little hut to house your bed like that?! I NEED one!!

2. My mom's been giving me a hard time about my health for the past few days so I'm going to promise myself to eat even better this week.

Oh & Happy Labor Day everyone! All of you hard workers deserve a nice day off! (:

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U U N A said...

oh everything in the first image is to die for! and your right, a hut would be a dream come true (:

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