Monday, March 22, 2010


No more procrastinating, one of my New Year's Resolutions that I've failed at so far. Oh & keeping my blog consistent... another failed attempt at my resolutions. I really think I'm the kind of person to really do things at my own pace though, so I will try to set goals for myself monthly & I've also been trying to keep a to-do list to help myself daily. I've got terrible time management!

So as I've said before... my dad was supposed to hand over his camera last month, but unfortunately it's broken. I had no idea until he told me yesterday! I'm so sad that I have to wait longer. But I guess that would be fine. I'll definitely need it by summer though because I just found out my brother is going out to Fullerton for college in the fall. So that means I'll be going there with him so we can get an apartment together. Since I won't be working for my mom anymore, I won't be getting paid nearly as much with a regular part time job so I'm planning to open up my own shop. I'll be working on art pieces & cute little accessories & extras to sell in my shop.

So my nerdy self & my nerdy brother were getting excited about finally moving out & we were online looking for awesome things to decorate with we came across Think Geek. SOOO FUN! I'm a huge nerd & I love Star Wars & little gadgets. Aren't these adorable?

Probably won't be moving until the end of July or the beginning of August, but it's always fun to look around! (:

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