Monday, April 26, 2010

My New Love.

So yesterday my brother & I drove an hour out of our way to go bike shopping in the a couple of the hippest of hipster towns in San Diego. We went to a bunch of shops in North Park including Cal Coast Bikes Adams Avenue Bikes where my brother got white handle & blue Oury grips. They also referred us to go to a bike swap meet in San Diego's Velodrome, which was unfortunately a waste of time. But then we ended up going to one of SD's infamous bike shops in South Park, Velo Cult. That is where I fell in love!

It's a Pake Urban 6-Speed ladies bike. Unfortunately, these are NOT my photos. I didn't have time to get good pics of my bike yesterday. It doesn't come with the basket & I'm still debating whether I want a wicker basket or a wire basket. It was pretty pricey ($467 with tax & everything), but I was going for quality & the frame itself is a lot lighter & less bulky than most townies & cruisers. That was most important to me & comparing to others with the same frame size, this was a pretty good price. Velo Cult is most def my FAVORITE shop so far!

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