Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Evening Spent Crafting.

I've been so excited to finally begin the Red Velvet Art Summer Camp! Our first project was the summer logbook. I ended up making mine with a hard cover to make it a little sturdier & I also used a recycled Urban Outfitters bag for the cover instead of fabric. I LOVE how it turned out! (Excuse the horrible lighting in my photos.)

I'm thinking about using the same technique I used with the hardcover of this journal to make myself a semester planner. I just hate buying planners that never cover the right time frame I want with not enough lines to write on!

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cocosparkle said...

I just love it!! The polariod on the front is AWESOME!!! see you at camp!

Celina said...

Awe thanks! (:

Hearthandmade said...

this is fab!! i really need to start mine.. i folded some 12x12 paper but its too big for my liking, looks like a menu! i think im guna order some 8x8 papers :) Visiting from RVA Camp! xo

Celina said...

Thank you! (: I thought using 12x12 was waay too big too so I cut my paper down to 8x12 so that when it was folded it became 8x6.

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