Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday To-Do List: Wednesday Edition.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm still trying to adjust to my new schedule. It's seriously messing me up since I have night classes. I finally got my internet at my apartment, too.

So for this week's To-Do list all I really want is to keep trying to make my apartment into a home. The downside to my brother & I sharing a one bedroom is that I don't really get my own space. My workspace is basically the kitchen, but that's kind of a plus. I'm also trying to figure out what house plants will thrive in my shady apartment. I need some green in my home!

I think these are so pretty! I can't paint my walls so I have to find alternative ways to bring some color in.

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Lady Bird said...

Amazing pictures! Sharing homes with boys is annoying. Bring on the floral I say!

Celina said...

Oh I completely agree! I'm definitely going to deck this place out with pretty things!

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