Sunday, May 2, 2010

OMG, I want a new tattoo already!

Wow, second post in one night! I was just browsing through my blogroll & I came across Danielle Hampton's blog. She has an amazing weekly tattoo post featuring some awesome people & their beautiful tattoos. As I've mentioned before I'm DYING to get going on more tattoos to cover my thigh & the most recent lady featured on her blog has got some BEAUTIFUL tattoos.

I've been contemplating on what kind of tattoos I want & I definitely want traditional ones. I love the colors, the bold distinct lines & the classiness of them. I'm gonna have to wait to get them though since I'll be in the process of moving in a couple months & I'm not financially capable right now! /:

P.S. Congrats to Danielle for her first pregnancy! Yay! I know sooo many ladies who are pregnant right now it's kinda weird. Oh well, I'm still happy for them all!

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