Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beautiful Hawaii: Part Two.

Continuing my Hawaiian vacation..

Basically that whole day we needed to find a way to kill time between our hotel switch. So again we hit the beach! Haha. I know, I know.. beach again?! Until you go there, you'll have no clue how beautifully amazing the beaches are! For lunch we had a bit at this place called Puka Dog & ohhhhmg it was such a yummy hot dog! It's wrapped in a bun with exotic relishes & mustards. YUM! My friend's cousin also took us to this place called Snow, which is basically really finely shaved ice & it's like nothing I've ever tasted!

Phucket Thai.

On our way to the snow place my brother couldn't help but laugh at the fact that this Thai food place was called Phucket Thai (Fuck-it Thai). Haha.

We woke up early to go visit the Pearl Harbor USS Arizona memorial. A must see, but we waited longer than the mini tour lasted. No Fun. Right after we headed up to North Shore again to actually spend time at the beaches that time. On our way they we stopped at the Dole Plantation just to take photos outside. Haha. Then we had the yummiest shrimp at Giovanni's & shaved ice again from Matsumoto's. Straight after we headed out to Waimea Beach again where I reached my goal of jumping off a cliff! Yay! I'm so sad I don't have any pictures, but I did it! (: Then we headed south after that to spend the early evening at Ko Olina Beach. Not my cup of tea, but it had a pretty view. We finished up the evening with some AMAZING Thai food!

Dole Plantation.
Ko Olina Beach.

I woke up a little early to find out it was raining & when I went outside onto the balcony of our new hotel I saw a pretty rainbow! After we got ready we headed west to Diamond Head crater. There was a farmer's market going on at the foot of the crater so we ate breakfast there & had the juiciest burgers for breakfast. Then we set off to hike Diamond head. So.. many.. stairs! But well worth it because the view was beautiful!

Diamond Head.

Woke up early again to beat the tourist crowd to Hanauma Bay where we going to go snorkeling. That morning I found out that McDonald's in Hawaii served spam, eggs & rice for breakfast! Haha. When we got to Hanauma Bay we all had a hard time adjusting to the gear, but once we got used to it, it was so much fun! We saw pretty fish, coral & even a sea turtle! It was amazing, but tiring.

Our last day on the island of Oahu. I was so sad! Our flight wasn't until late in the even that night so that morning we ate at Boot's & Kimo's where we had the best banana pancakes with macadamia nut sauce.. ever! Then we drove around the rest of the afternoon sight seeing around the northwest & southwest parts of the island before we had to pack up & go.

Pali Lookout.
Halona Blow Hole.

I definitely want to go back one day.. maybe to a different island this time though. It was so amazing! But next summer I'm going to spend it in the UK & France! I'm so excited!!

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