Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Feature: Artist Sylvia Ji.

So I'm going to change things up a bit. A lot of other bloggers do posts about music artists, or favorite photos, etc. basically what my "Friday Finds" posts have been about. So instead of posting random photos that many have already seen before I'm going to feature some of my favorite artists.

I know I've mentioned her before, but Sylvia Ji is truly an amazing artist. I love her style of painting & I've always loved the elegant portraits she paints. Growing up in Southern California, it is heavily influenced by Mexican & Native American culture so I've always loved the rich colors & patterns. A lot of her art have also been turned into tattoos, which look amazing!

I love, love, love her 2010 collection. I'm hoping to see her gallery show in Los Angeles this December!

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Lune Vintage said...

I do love this. I saw that Kimber one (from Jem) in a toyfair - and fell in love with it. Thanks for showing me who the artist is!

Celina said...

Oh, no problem! (:

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